The Solid Investing Company buys homes for cash. Period. Whether your home is in need of repair or it is in tip top condition, we will evaluate your home and make you a SOLID cash offer. Once we make that offer, we will close on your home in
7-days-or less.

President and CEO Keith Raymond, Sr. seeks to buy homes nationwide in middle to upper-middle-class neighborhoods. He will buy your house. Founded in 2019, the firm has allowed sellers to “skip the middleman,” to skip the realtor whose commissions cut into the bottom-line cash due the property owner.

Launched in 2022, the website gives sellers a quick, convenient, no-pressure way to get an in-person evaluation of their home. The website is a tool for the home seller. It is a solid service offered by the company. The real service is when Raymond or one of his representatives makes an on-site property evaluation and utters the three magic words—I WILL BUY YOUR HOUSE. With check in hand, The Solid Investing Company will make you an offer on the spot.

Many ask, “Why should I sell my beautiful home to Solid Investing rather than going a more traditional route?” As with all phases of its no-nonsense business methods, Solid Investing lists the most common motivating factors its customers have on its Reasons to Sell page on this site.

“Everytime I buy a home in your community, it helps my company grow,” states Raymond. “To that end, I pledge to ‘do you a solid’ by being a good neighbor.” Click onto our Solids in the Community page to see what we are doing in YOUR community.

Others ask, “What does the phrase DO YOU A SOLID mean? “Raymond smiles and says, “It’s something my friends would say to one another back in the 1970’s when I was growing up.” He explains that if one of my friends did something good for me or wanted a favor from me he or she would say, “Would you do me a solid, man?” or “Hey, man, I did you a solid.”

Raymond faithfully pledges to customers of Solid Investing and to the communities in which it does business to ALWAYS “Do them a SOLID.”
“After all, it’s in our name.”