Homeowners often ask themselves why sell? Solid Investing lists more than a dozen concrete and SOLID reasons why a potential customer NEED to sell –and sell QUICKLY. Many have significant motivating factors that necessitate the liquidation of one’s most valuable assets, one’s home.

And as Raymond says, I WILL BUY YOUR HOUSE.

Here are some SOLID reasons to sell:

  • The homeowner needs to move to assisted living
  • The homeowner needs to raise large sums of cash for bail money or another costly emergency
  • Rental property owners who need to sell unwanted properties
  • Motivated sellers who need to raise funds for their kids’ college tuition
  • A job relocation creates the need to sell a home and quickly move
  • Folks need to sell a home that was willed them with no need for two domiciles
  • Divorce, separation, or spousal abandonment makes the need to sell quickly
  • The looming threat of losing one’s house to foreclosure or pre-foreclosure forcing the need to sell quickly
  • Delinquent property taxes need to be paid prior to government seizure
  • Homeowners need to sell to downsize move to smaller home or apartment
  • Homeowners need to finance major health expenses not covered by insurance
  • Loss of job or income forces homeowner to quickly liquidate assets
  • Homeowners retire and need cash to relocate out of state or to a retirement home

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